Los Angeles — 1995

A shadow stretches over the City of Angels. A string of brutal murders involving cocaine and high school students has LAPD Detective Nathan Carter racing to find the killer. Local news broadcasts report multiple sightings of a mysterious force rocketing though the sky. Police are investigating a spike in thwarted robbery and assault attempts, the criminals found wounded at the scenes. Through all the speculation and distress, a name is being whispered in the seedy recesses and back alleys of the city: Nightblade.

Darkness will fall.

Nightblade is the debut novel from Joel Poehlmann. A summer blockbuster on paper, the writing is cinematic and fiercely visual. The action in this novel is what truly sets it apart, epic in both scope and style, full of vivid imagery and exciting set pieces. It’s a unique and bold approach to the action/adventure genre.

About the author

Every Man-edit

Joel Poehlmann is a Los Angeles native and a graduate of California State University, Northridge, where he earned a BA in psychology. His passion for writing can be traced back to a 6th grade homework assignment when he was asked to write a paragraph about what kind of superhero he’d like to be. Joel went home and wrote a 13-page original short story. Since then, Joel has written screenplays, television pilots, and shorts. He is also an actor, having appeared in both film and television.

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Nightblade Prologue