Why “The Dark Knight Rises” Doesn’t Hold Up

In 2005, I was guardedly optimistic about the Batman reboot. I was a fan of Christopher Nolan and thought Momento was one of the most original films of the early 2000s. I didn’t know what to think or what to expect. I knew that nothing had ever matched Tim Burton’s original Batman of 1989 and that the two Schumacher movies of the 90’s were a disaster in every sense of the word. I was worried…

Joel Poehlmann’s Top Ten Movies of All Time

The internet is awash with lists, many of them headlined with useless hyperbole in their titles, as if the cover of a Cosmopolitan magazine discovered a way to go Agent Smith and started infecting the web with an endless supply of sentient copies. Top 10 Secrets Women Wish Men Knew—Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind! (I’ll decide what blows my mind, thank you very much), 5 Things Only 90’s Kids Will Remember (as if anyone…

I Really Hate What Star Wars Has Become

If this ranks as the nerdiest post I ever write for this blog, so be it, but it's a subject that I'm very passionate about. I really hate what Star Wars has become. It's my favorite movie series, probably my favorite movie soundtrack, and a huge influence on my love of movies and storytelling, but damnit if I hate what the movies and universe stand for now. John Lasseter told an anecdote about Toy Story…

Visual Effects Oscar Snub

This blog isn’t meant to just harp on questionable awards from the MPAA (if it was, that could be the entire theme all by itself), but there was another oversight that recently came to my attention: Transformers did not win the special effects Oscar in 2008... Now, spare me the knee jerk Internet reaction, where everyone mindlessly dismisses Michael Bay as a terrible director who makes terrible movies. Michael Bay makes Michael Bay movies. It’s…